Recruitment and Selection

Getting an employee’s terms and conditions  correct and clear is vital.  We provide straight forward, compliant and informative letter of offer templates, tailored to your business.

Recruiting new employees can be complex and time consuming. 

We assist by creating processes to assist your HR or frontline staff who recruit staff or we assist in the recruitment and selection process.

Induction and Onboarding

The Induction is vital and is the foundation of a new employee’s first impression of your business and the source of their knowledge and understanding of the role, the organisation and your procedures. 

We customise an Induction process  and template for your organisation covering with all required statutory and relevant information to your new employees from the outset.

Managing Employee Performance

Managing employees’ performance can be difficult, especially in a small business.  Balancing business performance with employee needs is a fine line.


Often misunderstandings and conflict occur which lead to unsatisfactory outcomes.  This requires performance management.
We provide simple, straight- forward templates and guides which can make that difficult conversation easier and solves the situation in the best possible manner.


Safety & Health

Safety management is a vital part of employment.  We undertake a gap analysis and provide a simple system for you to manage your safety obligations.  This assists you to keep your employees safe, your business operational and  compliant.

Policies, Procedures and Documentation

Well written, concise procedures are vital but time-consuming.  We take all the hassle out of it for you by providing suites of tailored HR and Safety documentation, procedures and policies.

Our  HR Foundation  Packages are tailored to your organisational maturity and needs; Small Business Packages, Employment,  People Management, and  Safety are just a few.

Workplace Training & Development

Getting the best from employees is enhanced by providing opportunities for training and development. 
We advise on your training needs and are able to deliver workplace training, tailored to your business.

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