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"We focus on your people management while
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Our Story

“I am passionate about helping you better manage your staff so you can focus on allowing your business to thrive."

Catherine Tribble, Principal Consultant, Optimise HR

When we started in 2014 we came to understand that small businesses and organisations usually don’t have the capacity, the time and often the expertise to manage the specialised world of employee management.

Managing the complexities of Awards, changes in legislation, lawful employment contracts, clear position descriptions, responsibilities and accountabilities, employee performance and management and any number of other staffing issues in the workplace is time away from core business activities. Time which is better spent doing what business owners do best – servicing their clients and customers.

Employees are arguably one of the most important resources a business has. Without the right people, in the right roles, working together well, clients, customers and business in general are the first things that suffer – and it’s not always readily apparent.

So with 10 years experience assisting a wide range of small to medium businesses with innumerable HR issues and problems, Catherine Tribble our Principal Consultant has gained a diverse understanding of the workings of small, regional businesses and its peoples, especially those in the Kimberley. She has developed proven, effective processes, procedures, handbooks, kits and templates to help small business in all aspects of HR, Health and Safety.

No more compliance issues